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About us

About Us

Our agency Misja Travel was created out of passion and a love for travelling.

We combined what we most love in life with the need to share it with others – this is how our mission was formed.

The mission of creating pilgrimages in which people and faith play the most important role.


We believe that God’s providence is responsible for a successful pilgrimage and that the trip is made exceptional because of the people that take part in it.That is why we pay a lot of attention to being surrounded by the best specialists during our pilgrimages, starting with customer service and ending with spiritual care and tour guides. Thanks to this, we guarantee you a sense of security, high comfort as well as spiritual and emotional satisfaction.

  • a high sense of security
  • spiritual experiences
  • emotional experiences
  • the best specialists
  • high comfort
  • spiritual care
  • many years of experience
  • the latest, up-to-date audio tour guide
  • professional tourist guides

About Services

Our long-term experience and involvement guarantee you an amazing product. The result of our work is a wealth of people who return from their pilgrimages with a sense of fulfilment and wonderful spiritual experiences.

20,000+ Pilgrims

Pilgrims from around the world

Modern Pilgrimage

Pilgrimages in the most modern style

Top quality at the best price

The highest benefits at a low price

Our Offer

Pilgrimage is the answer to the inner voice that calls you to go further. We have been following that voice since 2010, creating and constantly improving our offers. Our catalogue includes pilgrimages to countries such as Italy, Israel, Portugal, Spain, Armenia and Georgia.
Our most recent and exciting offer, which we have been passionately pursuing since 2016, are pilgrimages to Japan, in the footsteps of Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe.

We believe that pilgrimages unite people. We go beyond the expectation of being just a travel agency. We create relationships and ties based on a solid foundation which is faith.

We invite you to travel with us!